Requiem Mass, op. 89, no. 2: Requiem aeternam

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Introitus: Requiem aeternam

Still, the task was not one to be taken lightly; the composer was passionate about his Catholic faith and spent ten full months working on Op. He chose to allow the work's 13 musical numbers reckoning the Dies Irae as six numbers rather than one large one to fall into their two natural groups: A four-note chromatic motif F -- G flat -- E -- F is mumbled, pianissimo and in unison, by the strings at the start of the opening number; this motif will be found in one guise or another throughout most of the hour-and-a-half-long Requiem.

The work still bears all the signs of having been composed by a man whose thoughts are generally instrumental: But the closing bars of the final Agnus Dei are masterful -- the quartet of soloists and the chorus exchange gently throbbing bits of chant-like homophony, the orchestra softly takes over their glowing B flat major and, twisting and turning around through the four-note chromatic motif, finds the way back to the same near-unbearable B flat minor in which the Requiem began.

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Music for the Requiem Mass

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Part I - Coro - Chorus: Triglaw, Thou with Three-fold Countenance. Part I - Recitativo - soprano solo - Ludmila: My Heart Is Beating Wildly. Part I - Coro: Part I - Aria - soprano solo - Ludmila: Part I - Tenore solo - A Husbandman: Part I - Coros: What Causes All That Noise? Part I - Aria basso solo e coro - Ivan: Now Kiss the Dust, All!

Requiem (Dvořák)

One God There Is! Part I - Recitativo - basso solo - Ivan: What Will Befall Us? Part II - Introduzione, recitativo ed aria - contralto solo - Svatava: Oh, in the Fearful Forest Shadows. Part II - Aria - basso solo - Ivan: Part II - Recitativo - soprano - solo - Ludmila: Gaily We Pass through Field and through Forest. Part II - Recitativo - basso solo - Ivan: I Lead the Lost Souls out of Darkness.

Part II - Coro: Part II - Recitativo - soprano solo - Ludmila: I Rudely Awake from a Perfect Dream. Mighty Lord, Have Mercy on Us! Anoint Our Foreheads with the Holy Water. Here on the Threshold of My Aspirations. Part III - Coro: Virgin Mother of Our Saviour. Part III - Soli e coro: Where Is My Father?

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Tenore e basso solo e coro: The Picture Moved upon the Wall. Soprano e tenore solo: Basso solo e coro: This Was the Hour of Deepest Night. Tenore e soprano solo: Fine night and clear in times like this. Fine Night and Clear; at Such a Time.